Between Sheets and Blankets

Secrets shared

Between sheets and blankets

Exposing flaws

Adoring them

Whispers heard

Under the glow of candlelight

Memories revealed

Puzzling beauty

Blossoming care

In your arms safety

New love

New eyes


How do they do that?

Your eyes

Picking the locks of my mind

Crumbling the walls that the years built

Warding off the demons that lay beyond them

Transforming me into something new

Once I was a caterpillar, creeping cautiously

Now, something content and beautiful

A butterfly, beautiful enough to be loved

And to love unwavering

Hot Sweet Coffee and Cigarettes

Hot sweet coffee and cigarettes, I shouldn’t want you but I do.

How you compliment each other; an adoring couple.

How you draw me into your love,

Show your beauty and leave me wanting more.

But hot sweet coffee and cigarettes, you are so toxic for me

My heart, it pounds so loudly whenever you are near

And my lungs, a breathe, they cannot keep

Though my woes all melt away when I’m in your company

Oh hot sweet coffee and cigarettes, I’m afraid this must come to an end

Whilst so many memories we have shared and mornings you have cradled me into

Silently, secretly, you have been ebbing away at me

Creating a shell of who I used to be

Oh hot sweet coffee and cigarettes, I’ll miss your smell and comforting warmth

But I won’t miss your clinging presence, drawing me back to you at every turn

My every moment filled with thoughts of you

How you tell me, without you, I’m functionless, encapsulating me in a lie

So now, hot sweet coffee and cigarettes, we must now say goodbye

But not until another time

I need to bring to an end, this chapter of our lives.

You will carry on without me and so will, stronger, I.

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