Flower Patch Soul

My soul; a flowerbed

Born a bare patch of soil on a warm summers day;

I start a blank slate.

My family; the sun

Nourishing the seeds within me, encouraging them to fruition

Caring for the seeds of new, blew my way by,

Life; the winds

Pushing seeds of fragrant wild flowers my way

Brushing away old leaves, creating something brighter, diverse, unique.

Friends; the rain

Refreshing and cooling from the suns rays

Reminding us, harshly, to feel the wind is near

He Would

I miss my dog

I miss his grin

I miss the way he’d lick my chin,

to greet me when I arrived home

I miss how he understood my every mood

Like no-one else could

How he knew how to play by himself

and knew when he should

And when I felt all alone,

needed to be comforted,

he would


How do they do that?

Your eyes

Picking the locks of my mind

Crumbling the walls that the years built

Warding off the demons that lay beyond them

Transforming me into something new

Once I was a caterpillar, creeping cautiously

Now, something content and beautiful

A butterfly, beautiful enough to be loved

And to love unwavering

Mother Nature

Cars rush down the road outside, their engines roaring as the wind howls back at them.
Mother natures cry.
The wooden doors rattle from the force of her grief fuelled blows.
Tiles fall from roofs, shattering on the concrete, there where the flowers once sprang.
A pine tree, towering high alongside the remnants of a once blooming forest,lining the edges of the by-pass.
Tumbling now, crushing cars in it’s wake.
Malice actions taken upon a belief, mother nature could not argue nor show grief.
An ignorance is clear, if you listened, it would show.
The revenge and grief which mother nature sows.

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