Are They Better?

Bitter words spoken
Are they Better?
or worse than
those left unsaid

Shouting, screaming, tears
Are they Better?
Or worse than
An unnaproving silence

Arguments and fights
Are they better?
Or worse than
Not being yours.


Silver daggers in the night.
Dull tin revealed in morning light.
Thrust in my back now I’m left bleeding.
It’s only a scratch, already receding.

Gentle words once uttered.
Sweetly in my ear; my heart fluttered.
Now tainted in pain and regret.
Expectations never met.

Cowardly actions from my hero.
Opinions, trust, love all down to zero.
Forgiveness once measured is easily gifted.
But these scars you left can’t be gently lifted.

The memories of you live forever, boxed away in my brain.
For all the happiness you brought was in vain.
Your grip, once tight upon my heart.
Loosened now, it beats again, stronger now that we’re apart.

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