He Would

I miss my dog

I miss his grin

I miss the way he’d lick my chin,

to greet me when I arrived home

I miss how he understood my every mood

Like no-one else could

How he knew how to play by himself

and knew when he should

And when I felt all alone,

needed to be comforted,

he would

A Hint to How I Feel

I cannot begin to describe how I feel about you

How my heart drops when the call ends

How butterflies come alive whenever you call again

How I feel when our eyes meet or your skin brushes mine

How when our bodies are entwined, I can’t think at all

How you have that one certain look to melt away all of my worries

How I would trade the world for you to be happy

How nothing matters when you’re not happy.

How complete I feel when you are

How your smile allures me more than the moon and the stars

How at home I am in your arms

Words can only hint at how I feel about you.

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