I’m Alive

I wish to write a novel
A beautiful tale of woe
I wish to be an adventurer
Into the pages I’ll go

I wish to be more than I am
Than I’ve been
I wish to rewire my brain
Delve deep within

I wish to execute the demons
That fear has fed, allowing them to thrive
I wish to remind my soul
I’m here, I’m alive

There’s Something About You

Theres something
Something about you
In the way you talk
The air where you walk
From all the pain I’d felt before
Theres something
Something about you
About the way you hear my thoughts
Without a word
Without a look
You know
My own mind; more out of touch
Theres something about
Something about you
About the way your eyes hypnotise
Recognise the pain
And wash it away
Theres something
Something about you
Something about the way you know
Everything about me
Without a word
Without a look
Your touch;
My medicine

The shackles of daytime

The shackles of daytime

Don’t allow for growth

Like starlit nights with open souls

In silence and solitude,

You meet your true self;

A gift you’ll never find,

in a box or on a shelf.

Flower Patch Soul

My soul; a flowerbed

Born a bare patch of soil on a warm summers day;

I start a blank slate.

My family; the sun

Nourishing the seeds within me, encouraging them to fruition

Caring for the seeds of new, blew my way by,

Life; the winds

Pushing seeds of fragrant wild flowers my way

Brushing away old leaves, creating something brighter, diverse, unique.

Friends; the rain

Refreshing and cooling from the suns rays

Reminding us, harshly, to feel the wind is near

The Guilt of Self-love

Why do I find guilt,

to find beauty in myself?

Why is a fleeting admiration of my own thighs,

followed quickly by regret?

What is it that drags me into self-loathing,

if ever I stop to appreciate the colour of my eyes?

What fuels the ghosts that haunt me,

for my time in the mirror?

How come, I can encourage self-love,

yet derail if I dare to like myself?

Between Sheets and Blankets

Secrets shared

Between sheets and blankets

Exposing flaws

Adoring them

Whispers heard

Under the glow of candlelight

Memories revealed

Puzzling beauty

Blossoming care

In your arms safety

New love

New eyes

Nostalgia? Not.

They told me that one day, in envy, I would look back

On the days of school, hot summers on the grass

I’m yet to see that nostalgic glow,

Rather there exists a reddish hue

Tinged by blood, washed down by tears

The place so deep rooted within my fears

He Would

I miss my dog

I miss his grin

I miss the way he’d lick my chin,

to greet me when I arrived home

I miss how he understood my every mood

Like no-one else could

How he knew how to play by himself

and knew when he should

And when I felt all alone,

needed to be comforted,

he would


How do they do that?

Your eyes

Picking the locks of my mind

Crumbling the walls that the years built

Warding off the demons that lay beyond them

Transforming me into something new

Once I was a caterpillar, creeping cautiously

Now, something content and beautiful

A butterfly, beautiful enough to be loved

And to love unwavering

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